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An armed gang has killed one tribal Christian student and injured a friend, to steal a phone and a tally of less than one euro.

The two young men were on their way home from festivities for the 100th anniversary of St Joseph’s Catholic Church, located in the district of Netrokona – Dhaka Division – about 173 km from the capital. The police confirmed the identification and arrest of all members of the group involved in the murder.

The incident occurred on 15 February in Mohammadupur, division of Dhaka. Rema Amit, 26, a student of the Institute of Science and Technology at Dhanmondi in the company of his friend Sohag, had just got off the bus, returning from the festivities for the Jubilee of St. Joseph Church. On the wayhome, in East Raja Bazar (Dhaka), the two friends were attacked by a group armed with knives and pistols, who ordered them to hand over money and valuables.

At the young men’s refusal, the assailants struck them with a large knife and then stole their money which amounted to a total of 70 taka (about 70 euro cents) and their mobile phones. Sohag, the survivor, said that “the group followed us, in a private car” and attacked them “near Amit’s home.”

A police patrol on the spot immediately intervened arresting one of the assailants, Sujan (aka Monir) 24, who was in possession of a large knife. A few hours later the agents stopped the three other members of the gang, Habib, 24, Ershad alias Munna, 26, and Monirul, 25, seizing a pistol and ammunition.


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With a kitchen knife, the woman cuts off her husband’s penis, then stabs him to death. His physical abuse and his decision to take a new wife drove her to such action. Polygamy is legal in Bangladesh but is a rapidly waning social practice. Only 10 per cent of men have more than one wife.

Her husband’s extreme physical abuse and his decision to take a fourth wife drove a woman in Bangladesh to cut off his penis with a kitchen knife and then repeatedly stabbed him to death. The incident occurred last 10 February in the village of Bogra, Gazipur District (Dhaka Division). The woman is currently being held on murder charges.

Chad Sultana, 28, and her husband Mohammed Nazrul Islam, 45, are the main actors in this drama. He had two more wives and was planning to take a fourth one in accordance with Islamic law, even if the practice is not widespread in Bangladesh.

The couple lived in a flat. The owner of the building where the couple lived, Halim, speaks about the tragedy.

“On 10 February around 3 pm, the woman cut off his penis to avenge a life of misery he had forced upon her,” he said. “She then stabbed him to death. She used a bothi, a sharp cooking knife.”

Chad Sultana was Mohammed Nazrul Islam’s third wife. She grew tired of his unfaithfulness and was opposed to his decision to marry a fourth time. The two often quarrelled and he mistreated and beat her on several occasions. He would often bate her, saying that “it was legal to marry up to four times under Islam” and that she had no right to oppose his plans.

The landlord said that the couple had a 13-year-old daughter, Mim. “Now that her father is dead and her mother is in prison, she could become destitute.”

Joydevpur police chief said that Chad Sultana is being held on charges of first-degree murder.

Polygamy is legal in Bangladesh, but is a rapidly waning social practice. It touches only 10 per cent of all adult males, much less than in other countries where it is legal.

In some cities, hefty taxes have been imposed on polygamy, with the tax increasing for each new wife a man takes.

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