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A British couple has landed in Dubai jail just because they dared to exchange a kiss in a restaurant.

Tourists Charlotte Lewis, 25, and marketing executive Ayman Najafi, 24, said that all he did was peck her on the cheek.

But a local woman claimed she and her children saw them kissing on the lips and stroking each other’s backs, and that’s why she called cops.

The stunned pair was arrested at packed Bob’s Restaurant and accused of breaching the Muslim state’s strict honour and modesty laws.

They were each sentenced to a month in prison followed by deportation. The couple was also fined 180 pounds for drinking, despite being only a quarter of the British driving limit.

The pair’s ordeal came after a 38-year-old Muslim mother complained about their behaviour at the swish Jumeirah Beach Residence.

The woman diner said she felt deeply offended when her children saw the two kissing at 2am last Saturday.

“The couple cannot believe what has happened to them. They are desperate to persuade the court that they meant no offence,” the Sun quoted a legal source close to the case as saying.

It is thought they will seek a reduced sentence that would let them fly out immediately.


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An Arab ambassador annulled his wedding after discovering that his bride, who wore the niqab, had a beard and squinted, UAE media reported on Wednesday.

The marriage had been arranged through pictures given by the bride’s family that were later proven to be those of the sister of the bride-to-be.

During the brief meetings with his fiancé the ambassador was unable to see her face as she was fully veiled. Once the marriage contract had been signed, he tried to kiss his wife, a doctor, and discovered “she had a beard and squinted.”

According to press reports, the ambassador then logged a court complaint claiming he had been “tricked” by his in-laws and a divorce was granted.

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