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French officials are considering yanking the citizenship of a Muslim polygamist, even though he now claims his wives are merely mistresses, which is something he believes is a cornerstone of French culture.

Problems for Algerian-born butcher Lies Hebbadj began last week when police ticketed a wife for wearing a full face veil while driving a car. Officials discovered records indicating that Hebbadj has 4 wives and 12 children.

But he’s claiming at least 3 of the women are merely lovers, though they appear to be collecting spousal social welfare benefits under his name. “As far as I know, it is not forbidden to have mistresses in France, nor is it forbidden under Islam,” said Hebbadj, who lives in Nantes. “If you lose your French nationality for having mistresses, then a lot of French men would have been stripped of their citizenship.”


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A herd of 70 dissatisfied pigs invaded Quick Halal Villeurbanne on Sunday morning. They intended to protest against the decision to remove the bacon burger and cons of the new offer Quick who now proposes that the halal its customers.
It is ‘unacceptable that a chain of “restaurants” which is largely Caisse des Depots et Consignations, in the French State, participates in the exclusion and segregation of the French in their own country’.
“A state that contributes to development in our territory of Muslim ritual slaughter which, remember, forbidden to stun the animals during their slaughter resulting in an unacceptable and unnecessary suffering in animals. Especially that To do this, Quick Payroll tax on Islamic certification of Halal products which are known to what used to finance Islamic proselytizing. And all this while that is no longer a pig in a growing number of school canteens and that prohibits the association of French Solidarity distributing pork soup to the needy.”
The herd then left the school in song and ‘will not hesitate to return to show his displeasure when Quick pig does not waive the Islamization of our country gourmet’.

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A court in Marseille authorized campaign posters of the political party of Jean Marie Le Pen, National Front (FN) in the south of France, which undermine Islam and Muslims and incites hatred of Algeria and the Algerians.

The verdict was rendered yesterday in favor of Le Pen in the lawsuit filed by the International League against Racism and Antisemitism. The French court allows the election posters of the Front National (extreme right) representing a fully veiled woman beside a map of France covered by the Algerian flag on which stand minarets shaped missiles, with the writing “not to Islamism’.

Algeria has protested “officially” with France against the poster which is “kneeling” symbols plastered by the National Front as part of its campaign for regional elections, said Monday the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mourad Medelci.

“We have formally protested and it is the French government to take appropriate action when the symbols of foreign countries are brought to their knees,” said Medelci on sidelines of a ceremony chaired by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on the occasion of International Day of Women.

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A 15-year-old muslim schoolboy sprayed a teacher with teargas after she described al-Qaeda as a “terrorist group”, she told reporters on Tuesday as prosecutors began their investigation.

“I had just explained that the attacks on September 11, 2001 were carried out by the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda, as is written in the text book,” said the history teacher, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“He stood up and declared that al-Qaeda is not terrorist and that neither is the Taliban,” she said, adding that the boy had then pulled out a spray can and doused her and a teaching assistant with teargas.

Neither victim was seriously hurt.

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A French mosque, whose imam says he has received death threats over his promotion of dialogue with Jews, reopened for Friday prayers after it was forced to close down this week due to disruptive protests.

The mosque in Drancy, a suburb to the north of Paris, has been the focus of tension for weeks with a small group of protesters keeping up a noisy barrage of criticism against the imam Hassen Chalghoumi.

“We’ve been facing really enormous pressure for five or six weeks now,” Chalghoumi told reporters before Friday prayers. “We want peace, we want calm. These people aren’t welcome here.”

The mosque was closed for security reasons on Tuesday after the association which runs it said that protesters had interrupted services.

As Chalghoumi spoke, a group of around 30 protesters gathered outside the fence of the mosque, facing off with fluorescent-vested security staff preventing them from entering.

The problems at the Drancy mosque have underlined the volatile mix of prejudice, integration problems and fears over radical Islamist extremism that have often plagued France’s large Muslim community.

A spokesman for the Grand Mosque of Paris called for a return to calm in Drancy and deplored the manner in which the protesters had “set themselves up as religious police.”

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French police are investigating claims that a burger chain serving only halal meat in restaurants with a strong Muslim clientele is discriminating against other customers.

Prosecutors in Lille ordered the probe on Friday, a spokesman said, after the Socialist mayor of the nearby town of Roubaix sued the Quick chain for switching to Muslim dietary laws in eight of its 350 branches.

Quick — a rival to global chains like McDonald’s in parts of Europe — offers turkey and halal beef instead of pork in those branches.

“Why should the people of Roubaix be forced to go to Lille or elsewhere to find bacon?” Franck Berton, the mayor’s lawyer, told Reuters.

French restaurants are under no obligation to offer a range of products, and there are plenty of kosher and halal eateries catering to Europe’s biggest Jewish and Muslim communities.

The halal market alone was estimated at 5.5 billion euros in a December 2009 survey, and is growing strongly.

However, Mayor Rene Vandierendonck and other politicians have accused Quick of “communalism” or violating the French principle of equality.

While Quick started the halal service in late November, the public furor only erupted this week after far-right leaders criticized the chain — just before regional elections in March.

The row has also touched a nerve laid bare by months of state-sponsored discussions over banning Muslim face veils and strengthening French national identity.

The veil ban has won support from some Muslim feminists. The identity campaign, however, has been widely criticized as populist electioneering, with some associated events descending into brawls or rants against Muslims and immigrants.

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Quick, one of France’s most popular fast food chains, has taken pork off the menu at eight of its restaurants, turning them into halal-only outlets.

The chain has replaced bacon with smoked halal turkey in restaurants in three branches in a Paris suburb, two in Marseille, and the remainder in Toulouse, Villeurbanne, near Lyon, and Roubaix, northern France – all of them areas with high Muslim populations.

These restaurants now serve only halal food, seen as permissible according to Islamic law. The company said the move was part of a test, which began in November, and that pork may return to the menu at a later date.

However, it has sparked angry reactions from Catholic groups. A comment on E-Deo, a Catholic website, said: “Quick is in the process of inventing fast-islamisation”.

Citing its outlet in Villeurbanne, a Quick spokesman said that no customers were “obliged” to eat halal meat, as “in parallel, we have 10 Quick restaurants in the Lyon area” offering “classic menus”.

Some Muslim customers welcomed the move in one branch in Roubaix, northern France. “I’m happy, as I can come with my Muslim friends,” said Farid, 17.

But other regular customers were outraged. “I don’t understand, why can’t they sell halal burgers and bacon burgers at the same time?” asked Delphine, 26.

The far-right National Front waded in on Sunday; its vice-president, Marine Le Pen, who is campaigning ahead of next month’s regional elections, said: “All those who come to buy food in this Quick will in reality pay a tax to Islamic certification organisations [paid to rubber stamp the halal label].”

But Al-Kanz, a French Muslim consumers’ group, said the reasons were “purely economic”, adding that there were no “dark Muslim forces in France putting pressure” on the chain.

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