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According to the Turkish minister for women and family matters, Selma Aliye Kavaf, homosexuality is a ‘disease that needs to be treated‘. The majority of the Turkish government, including prime minister Erdogan, agrees with her.
Turkish homosexuals have been complaining several years because their position is deteriorating. The decreasing tolerance is visible in the streets. Homosexuals don’t dare to show their preference and the gay scene is going more and more underground.
Last year various internet forums for gay people were shut down by the government. More than a year ago, a Turkish court decided that gay organisation Lambda Istanbul had to close her doors because her activities would go ‘against the laws of good morals’.
Turkey is since 2004 a candidate-member of the European Union.


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An investigation into Turkey’s ambassador to Rome has found him guilty of alleged sexual harassment, broadcaster NTV reported today, citing a Turkish Foreign Ministry source.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry launched an internal investigation into Ambassador Ali Yakital after a complaint was filed against him for alleged sexual harassment. The probe found that he was guilty of the alleged misconduct.

Yakital was called back to Ankara during the investigation, but he returned to Rome on Tuesday to collect his belongings. A Turkish Foreign Ministry official told NTV that he is expected to quit. Early retirement is also an option, NTV reported.

Before his appointment to Rome, Yakital, a career diplomat for 37 years, worked in the Prime Ministry as Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s main adviser on foreign-policy issues and was known to be part of the premier’s inner circle.

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An Istanbul court has ordered the release of a jailed Turk who publicly threatened and held a knife to the throat of a Christian he attacked six months ago.

In a ruling on Wednesday (Feb. 10), the Kadikoy Seventh Court of First Instance convicted Yasin Karasu, 24, of making death threats and mounting an armed attack against Ismail Aydin. Shouting to attract passersby as he held a knife to Aydin’s throat on Aug. 3, Karasu had denounced the Christian as a “missionary dog” who had betrayed Turkey by leaving Islam and evangelizing others.

The crime is punishable by four years in prison, but Justice Tahsin Dogan ruled that Karasu should be released unconditionally, without serving the remainder of his sentence.

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