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Abbie van der Louw, the Dutch nomad whose 9 children were taken away by Child Services because they were seriously neglected and didn’t go to school for almost 3 years, has a new love. A new love who wants to have children.

At the couch in Abbie’s caravan, on the edge of the Western Harbour Area, sits 23-year-old Sara from Germany. She smiles and looks non-stop at Abbie. The couple is still in their honeymoon weeks.

They’ve known each other for 1,5 weeks and got married this week. His bride stood at his doorstep out of the blue, Abbie tells, and she converted to islam.

Van der Louw had 7 children with his first wife, Maryam. When she died in 2005, he got 4 more children with three other women. He is not in touch with these women anymore.

Sara is from Munich. “She wanted to talk with me about religion. About Christianity. People told her I know a lot about faith. We read the Bible together and through the Bible we came to the Quran. We talked intensively. I slept in this caravan and she slept in another one at the beginning. She was free. A friend of us, some kind of imam, married us.”

Sara smiles. “I am a muslim now.”

She’s not wearing a niqab, like Abbie’s daughters and his former wives. “But what did I tell you about covering yourself?”Abbie asks her.
“That I have to decide for myself,”Sara replies. “As soon as I’m ready for it, I’ll do it.”

In Abbie’s caravan – he has a few – there’s a couch, a chair and a television. In the corner there’s a stove. There’s a dog laying on a matrass. His second dog, type fighter, is outside on a chain. “He bites, he has to stay in the car for now.”


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